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Why Sykes Enterprises Inc. (SYKE) Stock is the Right Prescription for Every Portfolio

No investor should ignore the cheering news from this stock. Business has grown steadily by around 20% during the Most Recent Quarter. The growth has been secular, encompassing all the continents where this company has operations. This is refreshing news in the midst of the current recession.

Margins have declined slightly during the quarter under discussion. Inclement weather in a territory served by roadside assistance, and expenditures to raise productive capacities are principally responsible for increased costs that the management has wisely decided not to recover from favored customers. The Gross Margin track record over five years has never fallen below 35%. Hence, there is no cause for worry on the profitability front of this professionally-managed stock.

Call center operations are amongst the most interesting parts of the Computer Networks Industry. Outsourcing started out as a cost-saving measure, but it has evolved into customer service excellence. The best corporations in this business contribute enduring values to all their stakeholders.

The management reports encouraging prospects for the near-term. There are bright chances of securing new clients. It is likely that the corporation will need to expand capacities yet again.

The stock price, during the third trading week of July 2008, has hovered around $18.52 against a 52-week range of $14.96-$22.55. The Price to Earnings Ratio is just above 17. The Earnings per Share are 1.08, and institutions own 85% of this stock.

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