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K-Tron International Inc. (KTII) Stock Celebrates Record Business

This stock, listed as part of the Scientific and Technical Instrumentation Industry, has achieved a 40% jump in net revenues during the Most Recent Quarter. Investors, accustomed to a lackluster earnings season, will be relieved to hear such cheering news.

It gets better. Both Europe and Asia have made handsome contributions to these spectacular business results. The management has succeeded, not just in emerging economies, but in mature ones as well. It proves the resilience of the relevant business model.

A major factor behind the success of this corporation is its core competence in the integration of acquired entities. The management has focused on inorganic growth. Many of these moves have been plagued by disruptions in operations following acquisition. This management team follows protocols that keep cash flows coming in seamlessly.

The material-handling business, which concerns this small-capital stock, is fundamental to any brick and mortar operation. The company has built technical excellence for nearly six decades around crushing, moving, and measuring materials of all kinds. It started with weighing scales. The company has branched in to a number of horizontal areas.

Resolute and professional management fortifies this stock value. The company stresses profitability, market differentiation, and controls on fixed costs. It specifically discourages high, fixed remuneration levels in the entities it controls.

The July 21, 2008 stock price was just under $131. This is creditable against a 52-week low of just $80. The Price to Earnings Ratio is below 18. The Beta is less than 1. The Earnings per Share have been $7.69. Market capitalization has appreciated by more than 100% in the last 12 months. It is a stock that can embellish any portfolio.

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