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RedChip Featured Company: UpSNAP, Inc. (UPSN)

UpSNAP, Inc. (UPSN) is a company providing mobile entertainment services, a mobile search engine, and an advertising platform for cellular users in the United States. The company has developed the first cellular-specific directory and entertainment platform via paid listings and premium services.

UpSNAP’s entertainment services are provided through its proprietary Streaming Wireless Internet Gateway (SWInG) platform. The platform enables cellular users by providing access to live and on-demand streaming audio content, including NASCAR In-Car Audio, ESPN Radio, and over 150 additional radio channels via radio, television, or satellite sources.

UpSNAP’s mobile search engine utilizes a patent-pending technology that uses flexible wireless search and natural language commands to deliver services to cellular users. The commands are then combined with a multi-media voice-over Internet protocol (VoIP) infrastructure that call-connects cellular to merchants. Cellular users are able to easily search and browse for mobile content and comparison shop for products and connect directly with merchants at no cost. The mobile search services include directory assistance, horoscopes, comedy, weather, calorie counters, airline travel information, and sports shows.

UpSNAP generates revenues by charging merchants who are willing to pay for access to new customers via the call-connect system in a pay-per-call program or through a subscription program. Traditionally, cellular users have had to pay for any cellular 411 or other services.

The UpSNAP technology is available for licensing by wireless carriers, service providers, and content providers who want to include searchable wireless streaming audio into their existing services. As the number of cellular users grows each week, supplementing the available services with the UpSNAP technology can differentiate any service provider from the rest.

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