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Orthovita Inc. (VITA) is Making Bones about It

Orthovita Inc. is a NASDAQ-traded spine and orthopedic biosurgery company. They are a premier developer of biomaterial product platforms for bone regeneration and soft tissue healing. Headquartered in Malvern, Pennsylvania, the company also has a European headquarters in Leuven, Belgium. They are part of the Medical Instruments and Supplies industry and have a market capitalization of $220.09 million.

Orthovita has four main product lines. Their VITOSS® Bone Graft Substitute technology platform is a synthetic bone graft substitute for the repair of bony defects in the spine, extremities, and the pelvis. An osteoconductive porous implant, it resembles the multidirectional interconnected porosity of human cancellous bone. Upon implantation in the defect site, VITOSS Scaffold guides the three-dimensional regeneration of bone and reabsorbs as new bone forms.

The company’s VITAGEL® Surgical Hemostat is an adherent matrix and an impermeable barrier to blood flow. VIATGEL® controls bleeding, facilitates healing, and uses a patient’s own biology. It consists of microfibrillar collagen and thrombin in combination with a patient’s own plasma, which contains fibrinogen and platelets. VIATGEL® has shown effectiveness in controlling bleeding during orthopaedic, cardiac, hepatic, and general surgery.

Orthovita’s Cortoss® is a high strength, bonding, self-setting composite engineered to mimic the characteristics of human cortical bone. Cortoss is for the treatment of compression fractures of vertebral bodies. This product is also for orthopaedic procedures where it is difficult to tighten bone screws enough or where these screws have stripped and lost their securing faculties.

The company’s IMBIBE Delivery and Disposable Systems are a family of disposable products designed to harvest bone marrow. The design of these products is for enhancing the clinical utility of VITOSS® for the surgeon. IMBIBE improves the process of aspirating bone marrow.

Orthovita Inc. continues to develop and market synthetic-based biomaterials products for use in spine surgery and the repair of fractures. They provide for a wide variety of clinical needs in the trauma, joint reconstruction, revision, and extremities markets. They are making no bones about it as they work to enhance the quality of life for patients and shareholders alike.

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