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RedChip Featured Company: SpaceDev, Inc. (SPDV)

SpaceDev, Inc. (SPDV) is a space systems company that wants to change how we get to, explore, and use outer space. The company’s diverse products include spacecraft actuators that power the Mars rovers, hybrid rockets used to power the first commercial astronaut into space, micro-satellites that are controlled via the Internet, and piloted orbital commercial spacecraft.

Founded in 1997, SpaceDev is on a mission to become a leader in commercial space. The management team feels that the journey into space will be made possible as practical applications are found to make space activities more affordable. The company’s primary aim is to develop small, innovative, affordable commercial space products to deliver value to its customers and shareholders. SpaceDev hopes to apply its entrepreneurial spirit to fulfill its long-term goal of creating a private space program.

SpaceDev has three facilities dedicated to specific technological areas. The California facility supports the development of sub-orbital and orbital hybrid propulsion systems and low-cost spacecraft, including microsats, nanosats, and maneuvering and orbital transfer vehicles (MoTV). The North Carolina facility specializes in the design and production of spacecraft electromechanical motors and actuators. Finally, the Colorado facility dedicates its efforts on the development of High Output Paraffin (HOP) thermal actuators and mechanical systems, including deployable structures and mechanical components.

To date more than 2,500 SpaceDev mechanisms have successfully been used in over 250 spacecraft. SpaceDev has a talented team of more than 200 employees who are equipped to meet the needs of its clients, such as NASA, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and Northrop, who look to SpaceDev to help them continue to reach for the skies and beyond.

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