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RedChip Featured Company: Vertical Branding, Inc. (VBDG)

Vertical Branding, Inc. (VBDG) is a consumer products company focused on providing consumers with high-quality household, beauty, and personal care products at reasonable prices. The company’s products currently include the ZorbEEZ, the E-Z Foldz step stool, the Steam Buddy, the MyPlace workstation, and the Hercules Hook.

Vertical Branding concentrates its efforts in three specific areas. First, the company uses an ROI-based transactional advertising strategy that generates direct-response product sales while building product and brand awareness to prospective customers. Second, the company concentrates on providing ‘everyday’ products that meet consumer needs at a reasonable price, which typically ranges from $9.99 to $39.99. Third, Vertical Branding has found that its typical buyers are females between 28 and 55 years of age, and Vertical Branding continually works to understand needs of this target audience.

Vertical Branding sells its products through a number of channels, either directly to consumers or through the Internet, television, and print advertising (“‘transactional marketing”). The products can also be found at some of the country’s largest retailers and drugstore chains. Finally, the products can be purchased through international distributors, catalog proprietors, and home shopping channels. The Vertical Branding team manages its transactional marketing on a daily basis to maximize results on television and online channels. The company also monitors its retail distribution efforts by matching purchase orders to sales projections to ensure its growth is on target.

To continue to meet the needs of its customer base, Vertical Branding is continuously seeking and acquiring exclusive rights to new and complementary products. The company’s goal is to add between four to six new products each year. The addition of new products fuels the company’s growth, while recurring sales from the current product line provide a stable revenue base.

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