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Northwest Pipe Company (NWPX) is in a Recession-Resistant Business

Stock market cycles never end. One truth reigns regardless of the flux; we cannot do without water. Only air is as under-valued in modern society, but water is additionally scarce. Ancient civilizations sprouted on the banks of large freshwater bodies, but we now build new urban areas in the most arid of areas. There is no option but to transport entire rivers of water over long distances.

This small capital company from Portland, OR makes 20th century water-related products. Careless stock investors will turn away from its page on a stock exchange website. After all, it is listed as a member of the Construction Supplies & Fixtures Industry. How can it possibly escape a bear hug? A second look at the stock shows that the market capitalization has appreciated by over 50% during June 2008 alone.

This company makes large-diameter steel pipes and tubes. They are used to transport water from source to consumption site. The most cash-strapped factories and communities cannot do without water and water-related facilities. The company has multiple manufacturing sites, which gives it a cost advantage throughout the United States.

The company’s products are also used to transport wastewater to treatment plants. Large industrial projects have additional uses for large-diameter pipes. These transmission pipes can be coated internally for special properties. Investors anticipate stable business performance from this stock in all kinds of general economic conditions. The Net Profit Margin has been stable at around 5% for the last two years.

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