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AeroVironment Inc. (AVAV) is Spreading its Wings for Future Growth

Founded in 1971 by renowned physicist and engineer, Dr. Paul MacCready, AeroVironment Inc. designs, develops, manufactures, and supports a portfolio of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and efficient electric-energy systems. The company has headquarters in Monrovia, California. As part of the Aerospace/Defense industry, they trade on NASDAQ and their current market capitalization is $499.81M.

AeroVironment Inc. makes a small UAS, which the U.S. Department of Defense uses extensively. In addition, allied military forces are using these unmanned aircraft systems. These systems deliver real-time reconnaissance, surveillance, and target acquisition to tactical military operating units.

The company operates three product groups. Their Unmanned Aircraft Systems product group designs and produces the UAS. The company manufactured the first true small UAS, called Pointer, in 1986. Since then this product has supported U.S. Armed Forces with reconnaissance data. The UAS has also helped monitor forest fires, as well as aided in penetrating and analyzing volcanic plumes. On the home front, the UAS monitors America’s borders, pipelines, and utility assets. The UAS also helps find those who are lost and in distress. These small-unmanned systems are excellent for quick launching, day or night, and aid in providing precise awareness of situations in different geographic locations.

AeroVironment Inc.’s PosiCharge Systems product group manufactures a complete line of fast-charging systems that replace the battery room in enterprises. They provide in-vehicle custom charging during scheduled breaks and shift changes, which increases run time to 100 percent of the producing hours of a workday. The PosiCharge System safely charges any battery with any charger, regardless of capacity or voltage, and eliminates the need for an operator to handle hazardous material.

The company’s Power Processing product group provides power processing engineered product solutions to its Energy Technology Center customers. Their Power Processing products are grid-tied, DC, and AC power processing equipment. These find use for testing and development purposes in conjunction with advanced power and alternative energy storage systems. AeroVironment’s Power Processing systems are the standard for EV and Hybrid test procedures. Their customers for this product group are automotive, battery, and defense contractors, along with fuel cell companies, universities, utilities, government agencies, and laboratories.

AeroVironment Inc. is spreading their wings for future growth with their continued development of Unmanned Aircraft Systems, along with their two other product offerings. They hope to soar to new heights in profit growth for themselves and their shareholders, all the while providing their varied customer base with the innovative products they demand.

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