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FBI Purchase of Arista Power (ASPW) Renewable Energy System Hints at Market Potential

Arista Power Inc., a diversified renewable energy product and services manufacturer, recently received an order for a Mobile Renewable Power Station (MRPS) from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Audio Technology Deployment Unit Power Sources Program.

The FBI’s order includes Arista’s patented, ducted WindTamer wind turbine, as well as solar cells, fuel cells, and energy storage and power distribution system. The system was designed to replace diesel fuel generators, providing continuous operations. Since the system can be transported by commercial vehicles, the FBI can implement the MRPS system to power its communications equipment even in remote locations.

Nick Foundos, electrical engineer and program manager of the FBI’s Audio Technology Deployment Unit Power Sources Program, detailed how Arista’s comprehensive offerings complement the FBI’s program’s energy needs.

“We are procuring the Arista Power MRPS as we feel it will meet the needs of our application by combining wind, solar, fuel cells and energy storage into a reliable renewable power station. We are extremely impressed with the engineering capabilities of the Arista Power team and look forward to fielding the MRPS,” Foundos stated in the press release.

Arista noted the uniqueness of the MRPS, and said it expects receiving more orders based on increasing interest in its programs.

“There is no other system like ours,” said William Schmitz, CEO of Arista. “We see our system as a cost-effective alternative to using diesel generators in the field. Our system is versatile, scalable, reduces the number of site visits for refueling, and can be custom-designed to incorporate a variety of technologies to service virtually any power requirement. Remote monitoring is a rapidly growing application. We are seeing increasing interest in our Mobile Renewable Power Station, both in the commercial market and from a number of government agencies, including the U.S. Army, and we expect additional orders going forward.”

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