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Callidus Software Inc. (CALD) Partners with Mapping Analytics to Provide a New Paradigm in Sales Performance Management Software/Service

Callidus Software, a top market and tech leader in Sales Performance Management (SPM) via Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications, reported today that the Company has officially partnered (signed in Q2) with makers of the revolutionary ProAlign® Sales Territory Alignment and Optimization solution, Mapping Analytics.

Senior VP of Marketing at CALD, Lorna Heynike, laid it all out very clearly, stating that the key to optimal sales performance is the ability to blanket a market and provide total coverage. Heynike asserted that the Mapping Analytics partnership is wholly consistent with this objective as CALD will now be able to vastly extend the Company’s Monaco On Demand SPM suite handsomely, providing exemplary territory management capabilities, enabled by an integrated mapping system for powerful visualization that allows for rapid alignment of territories across multiple regions. Heynike pointed out the immediately obvious benefit to customers, who will get a higher return on investment in their sales force, being able to quickly optimize and map personnel load to vectors like customer concentration, overall workload and sales potential.

The efficiency upgrade this solution enables is remarkable and the partnership makes complete sense from a strategic standpoint. The power of the Mapping Analytics’ ProAlign® Sales Territory Alignment & Optimization Software framework allows a business to map strategic endpoints like company locations, customers, prospects, sales people and just about any other salient target. Basically, they have a solution that dynamically auto-creates balanced solution sets for territories based on a wide variety of inputs, anyone who has ever managed a large sales force can immediately grasp the technical functionality and overall efficiency such a solution provides.

President of Mapping Analytics, Ralph Rothfelder, commented on the partnership and extolled the resultant, which he affirmed benefits both from the superior ProAlign mapping technology and Callidus’ award-winning, full-spectrum sales talent lifecycle solutions.

Because Callidus’ products address the entire lifecycle from onboarding to incentivisation structures, ongoing training/mentoring and user-centric performance optimization, the complete transparency and visibility of the underlying process yields surety of analysis regarding operational and financial performance. This really offers unprecedented capabilities for customers to effectively manage the sales force and to simultaneously focus more on channeling key business objectives in order to maximize sales.

Because the ProAlign solution leverages ESRI ArcGIS®, the world’s top geographic mapping environment and is fully integrated with the Alteryx® geographic business intelligence platform, we get an end product that seamlessly feeds custom data through a dynamic software environment. This environment surpasses all expectations for analytical and report development tasks.

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