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China Botanic Pharmaceutical Inc. (CBP) Receives Patent for Siberian Ginseng Extraction Process

China Botanic Pharmaceutical Inc. is a company on the rise. Located in Harbin, China, this young company has quickly earned a reputation for their research, development, manufacturing, and distribution of botanical products and bio-pharmaceutical products. Today, China Botanic took a major step towards prominence with announcement they have been granted a patent from the State Intellectual Property Office of the People’s Republic of China for its Siberian Ginseng.

The patent is No. ZL200710301682X and will not only protect the Siberian Ginseng (Acanthopanax) but will also protect the resulting Siberian Ginseng extracts and their application will provide market exclusivity for a period of 20 years.

The patent covers a wide variety of possible Siberian Ginseng extraction methods and applications, creating a high barrier to entry for competitors seeking to develop similar Siberian Ginseng products, and, as a result, it confers significant independent intellectual property rights. These medicines are state-of-the-art in that they are powerful new tools in combating depression and senile dementia and have been recognized as “class one new drugs” and “innovative drugs” by the State Food and Drug Administration of China.

Leading the team at China Botanic is Mr. Shaomin Li whom serves as the Chairman and CEO of the evolving company. Li stated, “It is highly gratifying to receive patent protection for our advancements in the treatment of depression using all-natural Siberian Ginseng extracts. With our exclusive access to a large proportion of the Siberian Ginseng resources, and now this important protection for the extracts we obtain from the plant, our methods of preparation and their applications, we feel this is a major step forward. The issuance of this patent will enhance the commercial potential of our Siberian Ginseng applications in China, one of the largest markets for depression therapies, and further strengthen our leading market position.”

Currently, China Botanic is trading in the $0.80 range. To learn more about their new patent and the company as a whole, visit the corporate website at:

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