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Airspan Networks Inc. (AIRN) Announces Successful Saudi Arabian Deployment of WiMAX Services

Airspan Networks Inc. provides WiMAX-based broadband wireless access networks worldwide. The company was recently selected for some of the world’s largest mobile WiMAX deployments for more than 100 commercial projects around the world. The company today announced that the Saudi Arabian carrier, Saudi Telecom, has successfully deployed WiMAX services using Airspan’s HiperMAX base stations.

The HiperMAX provides fixed and mobile WiMAX solutions. Following the first successful deployment, the second phase is now being activated as Airspan supplies its EasyST indoor and ProST outdoor subscriber terminals.

Partnering with its Saudi Arabian partner, Arabian Development and Marketing Company Ltd. (EMEA), Airspan will supply Saudi Telecom, the largest Tier 1 carrier in the country, with WiMAX solutions.

“We are very pleased to be working with Saudi Telecom in its WiMAX initiative. We are fully committed to strengthen and continue our strategic cooperation with them as their WiMAX business grows,” Airspan’s senior vice president of sales and general manager of EMEA, Anders Rendahl, stated in the press release.

Saudi Telecom’s 3.5 GHz license covers the entire kingdom, deploying the HiperMAX to offer broadband data/Internet and voice services based on an 802.16e-2005 ready WiMAX platform, applicable to urban and rural areas. According to Samir Matbouli, Saudi Telecom’s vice president for the Enterprise Business unit, the arrangement will help it in its efforts to put the customer first and offer service on a wider geographic scale.

“Saudi Telecom continues to strive towards its objective of being a customer-centric and competitive company. We believe that WiMAX technology is one of the important tools in broadband wireless access technology which will enable Saudi Telecom to provide highly reliable broadband voice and data access quickly on demand, everywhere and anywhere, within Saudi Arabia. We are confident that Airspan’s WiMAX solution will help us to achieve our goals,” Matbouli stated.

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