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American Soil Technologies, Inc. (SOYL) Wants to Play in Your Yard

American Soil Technologies, Inc. (SOYL) is a company that works to bring innovative and advanced soil technologies to the turf, home & garden, and agricultural markets. They do this by utilizing new applications of cross-linked and linear polymers. Polymers are macromolecules composed of smaller molecules or building block molecules (monomers). These polymers can be either natural or synthetic.

With headquarters in Pacoima, California, American Soil Technologies, Inc. trades on the OTCBB. Their products help decrease the use of water, increase nutrient retention in soil, and enhance seed emergence. Their polymer-based line of products can also clarify ponds, seal canals, and increase the effectiveness of chemicals, fertilizers, and biological additives in soil.

A cross-linked polymer in liquid form, Nutrimoist® L, is one of the company’s products designed to create lush turf and fertile gardens. The company also has a granular form of this product. They have developed a machine, the M216 Polymer Injector, which allows for a liquid injection installation. This is a one-step process where liquid cross-linked polymer can be injected into mature lawns and turf.

There are two kinds of polymers used in agricultural applications. The first is a linear polymer made as an acrylate/acrylamide copolymer, which dissolves in water, then soil, and this dissolved polymer binds together and results in particles too large to remain suspended and consequently settle out in the irrigation furrow. This activity greatly improves water infiltration and limits soil erosion. There is also a cross-linked polyacrylamide/polyacrylate, which absorbs water and water-soluble nutrients. When properly installed in a soil environment, it can act as a water reservoir in the soil.

American Soil Technologies products include Agriblend, a soil amendment; Soil Medic, a slow-release liquid fertilizer; and Nutrimoist, formulated for homes, parks, golf courses, and other turf-related applications. Another product is Anchor MP, which eliminates erosion and reduces soil salinity. Founded in 1993, American Soil Technologies markets their products through their network of sales representatives and distributors.

The company’s original name was Soil Wash Technologies, Inc. The company changed their name to American Soil Technologies, Inc. on December 31, 1999. At the same time, they acquired Polymers Plus LLC, including the exclusive license for their patents.

The company is continually innovating to create advanced products. Their goal is to position themselves as the premier supplier of super-absorbent polymer soil amendments and other related products in the multi-billion dollar turf, retail, horticulture, and agricultural markets.

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