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Xinyuan Real Estate Company Ltd. (ADR) (XIN) Business Integrated into the Emergence of China

A striking consequence of the emergence of China during the last two decades is the potential of its realty business. An agrarian and populous country has begun to urbanize with a vengeance. Multitudes of middle-class will need adequate and supportive housing.

Small-capital ADRs from China are sterling opportunities for American stock investors. You get a piece of the China growth story, and hedge against mismanagement of your currency in a single stroke. ADRs give you the best of exotic economic growth and U.S. regulatory rigor as well.

Here is a Chinese corporation with an explosive business model. It is focused on providing quality and affordable housing in the new growth centers of China. It is no wonder that this company has a compound growth rate of more than 100% during the last three years. The stock has excellent potential of maintaining this rocketing pace into the foreseeable future.

There is more music for investors’ ears: management is focused on high asset turnover, managing capital resources optimally, and keeping operating costs low. The Gross Margin has hovered around 30% until now, and is inching up as well. The management has piled deep foundations for sustainable profits in future.

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