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Why UTStarcom Incorporated (NASDAQ: UTSI) Stock Shines So Bright

Here is a small-capital corporation from Alameda, California that appears set to turn recent losses into durable surpluses. It has fast-tracked its journey along the business organization learning curve. The early-August 2008 stock price has doubled over the 52-week low of $2.23. Sales growth during the Most Recent Quarter has clocked 22.13. The stock is listed in the Communication Services Industry, which has managed less than 13% growth in the recent past. Which stock investor does not love market share growth?

Accelerated revenue growth should be no flash-in-the-pan in this case. The stock has three highly appealing features for value-investors. First, the management has a wide technological moat. It offers single-window solutions for service providers in the telecommunications business. Everything from surveillance of individual sites, to rapid multi-media transmission over vast networks is covered. The company has systems for both wireless and fixed-line infrastructures.

A second and relatively new strength of the stock is the professional and mature attitude displayed by the management team. It has shown alacrity in shedding the densely-populated handset business segment, and has realized handsome cash inflows to boot. This blend of technical and management excellence is precisely what any company in the Communication Services Industry needs.

The third strength of the stock is perhaps the most valuable. This California Corporation has dominant market shares in the high-growth territories of China and India. It allies with influential organizations owned by national governments in both these countries. It has close bonds, at the same time, with leading North American hardware-component manufacturers. Overall, this is a stock most deserving of serious investment support in August 2008.

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