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Why the ChemGenex Pharmaceuticals Limited (CXSP) Has Nearly Doubled

This kind of stock would have been unthinkable just a few years ago. The ADR is for a company from Australia that conducts biotechnology research in the United States. Chinese herbs are the subjects of its prime projects. This is truly a global business. This corporation blends the strengths of three continents into a potentially profitable mix.

The early-July 2008 stock price has crossed $19 against a 52-week low of just $8.58. Investor enthusiasm rides on regulatory support for a new company drug to manage a deadly form of blood cancer. Since the molecule has herbal roots, it could work for patients with resistance levels to conventional pharmaceutical agents.

Ancient medicinal herbs have inspired a number of classic 20th century drugs. One of the most useful expressions of cutting-edge biotechnology is to use nature for the design of new medicines. The dimensions of biodiversity in the emerging world mean that Western researchers have almost unlimited natural resources on which they can work.

Clinical trials do not always move in a straight line. That is why drug industry stock prices tend to be volatile in the short-term. This particular stock is a strong candidate for investor support, but not on a trading format. The management has bright chances of bursting on the pharmaceutical industry scene, either alone, or in collaboration with an established player.

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