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Orion Marine Group Inc. (OMGI) Tells a Profitable Stock Market Story

We all hope that adverse events will not take place. That is why emergency services are taken for granted. Nevertheless, timely aid in acute distress is a blessing. There are no limits to the values of specialized construction services. We appreciate our roads and bridges only when a specialist firm rushes to repair them following a natural disaster.

This small-capital stock is listed in the Construction Services Industry of the Capital Goods Sector. It is amongst the first organizations for an administration to contact after hurricanes, floods, and the like. The corporation is not limited to emergency construction services alone. It is also geared for complex infrastructure tasks such as laying oil pipelines and operations under water. Green investors will be glad to know that this company also works for wasteland reclamation.

The financial performance of this stock is as impressive as the business it represents. The Net Profit Margin, on a Trailing Twelve Months Basis, has been 7.55. The stock price at the start of July 2008 has steadily approached the 52-week high of $16.50. The Price to Earnings Ratio remains below 17.

The stock demonstrates the need for investors to troll through sectors and industries in difficult times. One would assume that inflation and recession must dampen business prospects throughout the Capital Goods Sector. Here is a stock which bucks the trend through a focused approach to specialized construction projects.

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