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Vision-Sciences, Inc. (VSCI) Obtains Product Approval

Vision-Sciences, Inc is engaged in the development and manufacturing of advanced, video-based endoscopy equipment. The company’s digital endoscope lines are set apart from the competition in that they come with a built-in light source, unlike traditional scopes which must be fitted with a separate camera head and light cable. Perhaps the most significant product offered by Vision-Sciences is its patented Slide-On EndoSheath, a disposable endoscope cover which eliminates the patient’s chance of infection.

The company has had several breakthroughs in the way of product approvals by various organizations in recent weeks. Health Canada gave Vision-Sciences’ scopes the go-ahead, clearing the way for distribution throughout Canada and Europe. Underwriter’s Laboratories also provided its stamp of approval, enabling Vision-Science to affix the “CE” mark to its product. CEO Ron Hadani says his company’s products have created “overwhelming interest” in the medical community, which can be appeased, now that the proper certifications have been attained.

On the financial side of things, Vision-Sciences stock trades at just ten times earnings, with approximately $10.5 million in revenues. Cash assets are reported to be upwards of $20 million, while the company’s debt only totals about $130,000. VSCI opened with a share price of 5.39 this morning (June 10th), but many people believe that this range represents a gross under-valuation.

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