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BSD Medical Corp. (BSDM) to Distribute Cancer Fighting Hyperthermia System in Italy and Europe

BSD Medical Corp. (Nasdaq: BSDM) is part of the global fight against cancer. The company develops systems for cancer therapies requiring precision-focused heat through microwave technologies. Today the company announced its European distributor was awarded a contract from Azienda Ospedaliera Institui Ospitalieri Di Verona (the Institute) to replace its existing hyperthermia system with BSD’s BSD-2000/3D system.

The BSD-2000/3D deep regional hyperthermia system is scheduled for delivery in August 2008, and will replace the Institute’s current system, which has been used since 1996. The BSD-2000/3D will be the first of its kind in Italy, and the 15th utilized in Europe.

“We are pleased to further expand our activities in the field of clinical hyperthermia, the single most potent radiation sensitizer available. We are looking forward to close working relationships with all of the ESHO [European Society for Hyperthermic Oncology] member institutes in advancing hyperthermia cancer treatment,” Dr. Sergio Maluta, head of the Radiation Oncology Department at the Institute stated in the press release.

The hyperthermia system uses 3-D steering to allow for a precisely focused energy to be administered into cancerous tumors, raising the tumor’s temperature to levels required for hyperthermia therapy to destroy the cancer cells with heat. The technology even allows for the treatment of tumors located deep in the body, increasing the effectiveness of radiation therapy.

The technology is integral to the Institute, which conducts more than 40,000 radiation treatments each year. As a member of ESHO, the Institute partakes in numerous major European clinical hyperthermia trials to treat several cancers, including advanced prostate cancer, as well as rectal, cervical, bladder, breast, head and neck cancer.

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