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ULURU Inc. (ULU) to Present Commercial Exhibit and Clinical Data on Altrazeal at Top Clinical Wound Care Industry Symposium

ULURU, Inc., – the pharmaceutical developer that specializes in unique products for wound closure and oral care based on a suite of constantly evolving proprietary technology that generally features strong nanoparticle science, reported today that the Company will host a commercial exhibit and also present scientific data at the Symposium on Advances in Skin and Wound Care and Wound Healing Society (Apr. 14-17) in Dallas, Texas.

This massive symposium is in its 24th year and is easily the most important seasonal event in the clinical wound care field, drawing in over 2k researchers and medical professionals from across the US. The Company will be presenting a series of four educational posters in addition to the commercial exhibit, educating attendees about the technology behind Altrazeal®, as well as the abundant clinical benefits the product has to offer.

Altrazeal is an amazing nanoparticle-based technology that looks like a powder and can be shaken into wounds to provide immediate and effective wound closure, forming a bandage that protects against infection and flexes with the patients surrounding tissues.

One poster in particular focused on that ability of Altrazeal to completely eliminate pre-treatment pain in geriatric trauma wounds and its median recovery time for this incredibly difficult to treat wound type of only 14 days, an incredible feat of modern science. This venue serves as the perfect platform to showcase the technology to a wide and influential audience. The Company is not going to miss the chance to wow over attendees and the posters were painstakingly designed to elegantly convey the unique properties of Altrazeal, including the controlled releases of “actives” and the capacity to impede the formation of biofilm, which is a major factor in wounds not healing.

CEO of ULU, Kerry P. Gray, emphasized the strategic importance of getting the technical truths about the efficacy of the Altrazeal platform out there to people in the industry and called the clinical data and scientific support for Altrazeal a key component of the Company’s overall marketing strategy.

Clinical Director at the Wound Healing Center and Hyperbaric Medicine of Winthrop-University Hospital and venue attendee, Dr. Scott Gorenstein, M.D., commented on his geriatric trauma wound poster, citing his own field experience with the product as testimony to its usefulness. Dr. Gorenstein spoke eagerly of a controlled clinical study on Altrazeal that would pave the way for making the product the standard for care in this patient group.

VP of ULU, Dr. John St. John, Ph.D., underscored the significance of Altrazeal’s anti-biofilm formation effect, citing the nanoparticle technology the Company has developed as the primary breakthrough. The data clearly demonstrates that the size of the nanopparticles in the formulation can be optimized to handle various aspects of wound healing, in this case in particular the anti-biofilm effect. Altrazeal in general though is revolutionary because it offers optimal oxygen and vapor transpiration while moving with the patient in a very flexible manner, yet providing robust microbial impermeability, thus staving off infection as the wound heals.

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