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Intellicheck Mobilisa, Inc. (IDN) Announces Issuance of U.S. Patent

Located in Port Townsend, Washing, Intellicheck has quickly evolved into a leading technology company that develops and markets wireless technology and identity systems for an array of applications in both the private and governmental sector. Intellicheck recently made national news with the announcement they have been issued U.S. Patent No. 7,860,318 relating to a document comparison system.

The issuance of patent ‘318 marks a significant accomplishment for Intellicheck as it brings the company’s current portfolio to 8 U.S., 2 Canadian and 1 U.K. patents. The company also has numerous U.S. and International patent applications pending.

Recently Intellicheck caught the attention of the national media and investors when New York Senator Chuck Schumer recommended the company’s Defense ID product for testing at airports to make travel safer both domestically and across the globe.

Leading the way at Intellicheck is Dr. Nelson Ludlow who serves as the company’s CEO. When asked about this patent and the future of Intellicheck as a whole, Dr. Ludlow was quoted as saying, “A key strength and value driver for the company is our patents, which solidify our position as a leader in the ID reading technology market.” Dr. Ludlow further stated, “We can make traveling through airports safer, really verify the ID holder, moves you along faster, and be less invasive than full body scanning. Our products are commercially deployed at Fortune 500 retailers including hotels, banks, and cell phone stores. We turn a slow form into a fast form by scanning IDs to complete the registration process, much quicker and more secure than using pen and paper, while eliminating data entry error.”

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