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SEFE, Inc. (SEFE) is Greener than Green

Unlike wind farms, solar arrays, and various other forms of renewable energy, SEFE is engaged in harnessing the existing, untapped power of static electricity that is naturally occurring in the atmosphere. The result is an abundant source of renewable energy that is green, carbon-free, and always-on. Unlike other forms of energy collection, SEFE has virtually no carbon footprint. So, it’s greener than green alternatives.

The SEFE system, called Harmony, is based on a proprietary technology, protected by a growing list of patents, that is designed to draw the static electricity in direct current form from the atmosphere, converting it to alternating current for immediate power consumption or storage. It’s an energy source that is pure, already in the form of easy to transport and utilize electricity, and carbon-free. In addition, it’s a source that is everywhere, requiring no special weather or geographical conditions, and has a small footprint. It can be used in stand-alone mode, or hooked to the grid.

Although the technology can be scaled up for all levels of energy production, the company plans to complement other electricity production technologies such as nuclear, fossil, and renewables. SEFE is currently focused on commercial applications:

• Utility/co-op sector, for augmenting the industry’s electrical generation capabilities

• Heavy industry, requiring on-site electrical generation, such as the mining industry, rural construction, and heavy manufacturing

• World relief organizations, which often distribute aid and emergency relief in very remote parts of the world lacking electricity

• Military, which needs electrical generation at forward or temporary bases

Where a robust infrastructure or power grid system isn’t already in place, SEFE can work with much smaller power lines, making it superior to solar or wind power generation, since those systems rely exclusively on existing infrastructures.

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