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Flexpoint Sensor Systems, Inc. (FLXT) Releases Series of Promotional Videos

Flexpoint Sensor Systems recently announced that a series of professional promotional videos is now available on the company’s YouTube page. The videos promote the company’s Bend Sensor® technology’s features, advantages, and market potential. Interested parties can access the videos at Flexpoint anticipates that the videos will prove useful as the company expands and gains momentum.

As of Thursday, the company’s YouTube account boasts seven new videos that show the basic manufacturing process and feature demonstrations of how the technology is used in various applications. The videos also highlight a broad range of sensor variations in order to give viewers a sense of the versatility of the technology.

The videos are part of the company’s effort to overhaul its website and represent the latest efforts in Flexpoint’s ongoing marketing push. The YouTube account also contains links to videos uploaded by different users of Bend Sensor® technology. Most of these other videos were shot on low-resolution cameras purely for demonstration purposes and are not considered part of Flexpoint’s formal marketing campaign.

Flexpoint CEO, Clark Mower remarked, “The Bend Sensor® can be challenging to fully describe and its unique features and advantages often only become apparent when we are able to demonstrate the technology in person. With these videos, we aimed to recreate the experience of sitting down with us here at our offices for a full hands-on demonstration. We think these videos do a nice job of providing the basics of what the technology can do and clarify how it is being utilized in various products. Whenever individuals get a vivid sense of what the Bend Sensor® is capable of, they invariably begin to generate new ideas for how it can be used. These videos should help get those creative wheels turning and we are excited to see the responses we get as more and more people see them.”

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