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SatCon Technology Corp. (SATC) Announces Fuel Cells and Photovoltaic’s Driving Growth

Working on the practical aspects of a potential solution to the world’s power needs can sometimes be a bit more difficult than the average person might think. In the solar power arena, people perceive that the sun hits a panel and it’s turned into power, which is true, but ramp that same thought up to 30,000 megawatts and the issue can become a bit more illuminating. If an investor can find a company that works at the outer edges of product need, they may find high-energy profit.

SatCon Technology Corp., a developer/supplier of power management and system architecture solutions, works to develop advanced electronic products for alternative energy and power distribution needs. Although the company works in a variety of end-use markets, its primary interests lay with hybrid vehicles, photovoltaic energy conversion, and distributive power markets.

Located in the Boston, MA area, the company is at the cutting edge of power management product design and manufacture. To bring its cutting edge development products to the installation phase, the company uses its highly educated staff to arrive at new and innovative solutions in developing markets. For total control and vertical integration, the company is structured into three divisions; Applied Technology, Electronics, and Power Systems. A general description of the company’s operations might be “give us an electronics/power issue and we’ll solve it with the most efficient and productive solution, and then build it for you”.

Apparently, the company’s desire to solve electronics-related issues has been successful. It recently won a 25MW photovoltaic power conversion project in Spain, and is finding increasing interest from the makers of hybrid car manufacturers with regard to its work on the electric motor aspects of the field. Designing and manufacturing a vast array of electronic components, SatCon Technology is at the leading edge of providing new power solutions to new power paradigms. Power systems, thin films and space grade products are in need now, and SatCon appears ready to profit by it.

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