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Uranium Energy Corp. (AMEX: UEC) Reaches Production Milestone

US-based Uranium Energy Corp. (UEC) proudly announced the completion of all test wells in the company’s first production area this week. According to production area authorization (PAA) procedure, UEC will now involve the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, or TCEQ, in the testing phases of groundwater samples obtained from the wells.

In addition to the monitoring wells, the drilling of pumping wells has also been accomplished in order to fulfill testing requirements for the site known as the Goliad ISR (in-situ recovery) Uranium Project. Results will be used to evaluate key factors such as permeability, drawdown (the drop in the level of water in a well when water is being pumped), and recovery rate. All of these parameters will be included in the PAA application, which UEC intends to file with the TCEQ toward the end of the summer.

In the same release, UEC also heralded the hiring of Mr. Andrew Kurrus as its new senior geologist. Mr. Kurrus gained notoriety in the industry over the course of a thirty-year career that started with his service to Intercontinental Energy Corp. in 1978. The company expects Andrew’s expertise as a professional geologist to contribute exceptionally to UEC’s overall profitability.

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