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Royale Energy Inc. (ROYL) Announces 9% Increase in 1st Quarter Operating Cash Flow, Reserves Up 28%

There is quite a bit to be said for hard work and perseverance. Put in the hours, days, months and years, and something good should come of it. It doesn’t always work out, but in many cases it does. Just plain doing the work and having a solid business plan with a product in demand means profit eventually. Find a company that has all three and an investor can feel fairly confident that profits will come.

Royale Energy Inc., an oil and gas exploration and development company, works to discover and exploit oil and gas opportunities in California, the Rocky Mountains and other currently producing regions. The company has been in operation for over twenty years and has been consistent in its ability to provide return on investment. The company owns part interest in (or owns outright) leases in the Sacramento and San Joaquin Basins of California, as well as Utah, Texas and Louisiana holdings comprising 54 natural gas wells in California, 2 natural gas wells in Utah and 21 non-operating gas and oil interests in Texas, California, Utah, Oklahoma and Louisiana. The company also owns moderate reserves of oil and gas in-ground.

For the most part, these positive gains are a result of higher oil and gas prices. They are, however, also a result of how the company goes about its funding of the individual wells it owns, develops or discovers. It finds a property to buy and/or develop and then sells interests in that particular property to individual investors. In effect, the company delivers its stable revenue results because it spreads risk over a wide investor base, allowing for stockholders to reap overall company successes. To this end, the company has recently announced that cash flow for the first quarter of 2008 was up to approximately $747,000, while oil and gas reserves were up 28%.

While most oil and gas exploration and development companies are beginning their hunt for leases, Royale Energy has made the leap to a solid and going concern. They have put in the time and effort to build a stable and producing base of leases, which affords them the luxury of generating revenue while adding to their portfolio of interests. If an investor would rather be a silent partner, benefiting from the company’s overall successes, there is a place for them in Royale Energy’s plan. If they would care to move a bit closer to the action, there is a place at the wellhead for them as well. In a general sense, Royale Energy has created a full service investor pumping station for anyone that wants to fill up with profits.

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