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Unbridled Enthusiasm for STEC Inc. (STEC) Business Strategy

Storage capacity is a key limitation of modern electronic equipment. Though we have come a long way since the days when computers would fill entire rooms, the size, weight, and capacity of a hard disc continues to restrict laptop features. Moving parts are other important drawbacks of modern consumer devices: they require relatively frequent servicing, and can develop faults rather quickly.

The flash memory feature has fuelled important consumer values in recent times. It reduces weight and other physical dimensions, while allowing instant access to voluminous electronic data. Solid state drives will take flash advantages fast-forward, with revolutionary potentials for all portable and mobile computing devices.

Many skeptics scoffed at the single-minded focus of this small-capital upstart from Santa Ana, CA. The company even divested a profitable and investor-friendly consumer business in order to free resources for the development of solid state drives. However, the benefits of this cutting-edge technology have become a reason for celebration in the otherwise somber stock market of today.

The stock has greeted the first trading week of June 2008 with a price of $12.85 against a 52-week low of just $5.67. Investors have woken up to the profit and business potentials of Solid State Drives, driving market capitalization up nearly 13% during the course of May 2008. More good news could be in store as demands for traditional hard-disc replacements grow by leaps and bounds. Few if any will complain if this turns out to be the hottest stock of the incipient summer.

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