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RESAAS Services, Inc. (RSASF) Ushers Modern Social Networking Strategy into Real Estate Industry

The agile convergence of social media and both the personal and business worlds has underhandedly made every user – whether individual, group or organization – a marketer in their own right. This marketing capability has resulted in the creation of ancillary social platforms fields that heavily rely on networking, content creation and knowledge sharing. RESAAS Services, Inc., for example, is a social network structured as an agent-powered real estate industry platform that connects agents and brokers with other like-minded professionals around the world as a tool to gain referral business, attract leads and increase market exposure.

An overwhelming majority of home searches are now conducted online, creating both obstacles and opportunities for agents and brokers looking to grow their business. Traditional forms of attracting homeowners – such as billboards, public benches, newspaper advertising, etc. – are still existent, but typically generate minimal performance and results compared to modern marketing strategies that incorporate the Internet. As such, successful real estate requires agents and brokers to cater to the digital consumer and remain visible and easily accessible to potential clients.

RESAAS founder and CEO Cory Brandolini gained significant networking savvy through 25 years as a commission salesman and more than five years ago set out to use that knowledge to build a platform that would enable like-minded professionals to network online in an unprecedented manner. Incorporated in 2009, RESAAS stands as a first-of-its-kind platform for the real estate industry and now trades on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) under the ticker symbol “RSS” and the OTC Market Group’s OTCQX marketplace under ticker symbol “RSASF.”

“When we look at it on the overall landscape, we’re really in an island on our own on what we’re trying to do. There are other services out there that have similar-type micro-products that that might have a crossover, but really we’re completely on our own in this space,” Brandolini states in an investor-geared corporate video.

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Following its commercial launch in 2013, the platform experienced exponential growth, initially tracking user signups on a daily basis – today the company gauges sign-ups per minute. Set in gear for sustainable growth, RESAAS in 2014 turned its focus on creating an industry platform inclusive of third parties, associations and vendors who would enhance industry content and contributions.

The popularity of the platform lies in its ability to address the changing temperament of today’s real estate environment by enabling real estate professionals to build a marketable social profile page, upload and browse listings, share content and information, and ask and answer questions with other industry professionals. The platform is synchronized with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn so the user gets more eyes on their inventory and stays connected with agents and brokers around the world.

In essence, RESAAS has harnessed the business-centered power of social media and now channels its momentum toward empowering real estate professionals as content creators and personal and business marketers with a global reach.

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