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Fate Therapeutics, Inc. (FATE) on Course to Address Hematologic Malignancies with PROHEMA®

It’s nearly impossible to list all the ways in which stem cell exploration is important because the usefulness of these cells is virtually limitless. Stem cells have the potential to treat a huge range of diseases and conditions that millions of people around the world suffer from. Their ability to treat so many diseases rests on their unique properties of self-renewal, differentiation and their unspecialized nature.

Fate Therapeutics (NASDAQ: FATE), San Diego, California, is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company with a focus on the discovery and development of pharmacologic modulators of adult stem cells to treat severe, life-threatening diseases. It is widely known that adult stem cells play a key role in the growth, maintenance and repair of many tissues and organ systems in the body. As a result of their natural ability to self-renew, and to regenerate and repair diseased or damaged tissue, adult stem cells possess exciting prospects for a myriad of promising applications.

FATE uses the proven pharmacologic modalities of small molecules and targets well-characterized biological mechanisms to program the fate and enhance the therapeutic potential of adult stem cells. The company’s primary product candidate, PROHEMA®, is an ex vivo programmed hematopoietic cellular therapeutic. Today, PROHEMA is in clinical development for patients undergoing hematopoietic stem cell transplantation for the treatment of hematologic malignancies and certain rare genetic disorders. Integral to the company’s focus is the application of its reprogramming modulators to develop human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cellular therapeutics, and evaluating the in vivo programming of muscle satellite stem cells using its Wnt7a-based protein analogs for muscle regeneration.

The company’s therapeutic programs target innovative mechanisms and are designed to seek out diseases with high degrees of unmet clinical need. As a result of this focus, FATE realizes that it can benefit by working with other companies who bring new ideas and experiences to the drug development market. For this reason, FATE is open to collaborating with potential partners who share its values and drive to advance stem cell science and move closer to developing therapeutics that will ultimately deliver much needed health benefits to those who need them most.

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