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Put Geo-Met Inc. (GMET) on Radar

Business resurgence is a wonderful way of capturing stock value. The foresight to buy stock with a far better future than its recent past costs little. Yet it offers prospects of superior returns. Here is a small-capital case in point from Houston, TX.

The United States has enormous reserves of coal. This vital energy source has long been maligned, though it can now be used without harm to the environment. Similarly, methane gas, which occurs naturally amidst coal beds, and which has also acquired notoriety for causing fatal mishaps in mines, is in reality, an untapped potential as an energy source.

Methane from beds of coal is cheaper and easier to bring to the surface than other natural gases. This is the basis of the enterprise under discussion. The company deals in coalbed methane. It turns a hazard into a great opportunity for a country long suffering from crude oil vagaries.

The United States can no longer afford to ignore its natural and indigenous energy resources. This hard reality is the basis of stock value in this case. The end-July stock price has hovered below $7: the best energy-domain experts forecast the figure to double in the near future.

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