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Intevac, Inc. (IVAC) Awarded $1 Million Contract by Dept. of Defense

Intevac (IVAC) is a California-based company with two main corporate divisions – Intevac Equipment and Intevac Imaging. The Intevac Equipment division is the world’s leading provider of magnetic media deposition equipment to the hard disk drive industry. This division also offers leading-edge, high-productivity etch systems to the semiconductor industry.

The Intevac imaging division, called Intevac Photonics, develops compact, cost-effective, high-sensitivity, digital optical products for the capture and display of low-light images and the optical analysis of materials. This Intevac division manufactures products for both commercial and military applications. The company’s commercial products include scientific cameras and Raman spectrometer systems.

Intevac’s imaging division also manufactures sensors, cameras, and systems for military applications such as digital night vision and long-range target identification. Some of the company’s specific military products include sensors and cameras for use in extreme low-light situations, systems for long-range target identification, and high-performance, micro-display products for near-eye and portable viewing of video.

On July 30, 2008, Intevac’s Photonics division announced that their DeltaNu business unit has been awarded a contract in excess of $1 million from the Department of Defense to develop advanced Raman spectroscopy systems for both military and civilian applications. Applications would include detection of toxic materials and pathogens for the military, and detection of hazardous materials for civilian applications.

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