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Oriental Financial Group Inc. (OFG) Has Deep Roots in Puerto Rico Business

This holding stock owns a subsidiary in Florida. However, Puerto Rico is its main domain. The company has a network of 25 sites in the territory. The stock is a good choice within the Regional Bank Industry as the Price to Equity Ratio over the last four quarters has been below 14.

Business has grown annually by more than 40% during the Most Recent Quarter. This has been during a difficult period for the entire Financial Sector. The company has a Net Profit Margin on Trailing Twelve Months basis, which is more than twice the average achieved by the Regional Bank Industry.

The holding company offers Puerto Rico residents and commercial establishments comprehensive financial services through its operating subsidiaries. You could be a home maker in need of a checking account, or a wealthy individual, but in either case the company has financial products and services to meet your needs. It is also an attractive and supportive proposition for every Puerto Rico business which is set for expansion.

The company has a vibrant mortgage business, which enjoys strong regulatory support. The company also operates in the secondary market for trading in loans. It is associated with the Federal Housing Administration, the Veterans Administration, the Federal National Mortgage Association, and the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation.

The insurance business of the company has superior future growth potential. One of its subsidiaries is a licensed insurance agent. This gives entries to the significant retirement markets throughout the Caribbean, and in Florida as well. Therefore, the insurance activity adds to the future value of the stock.

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