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Every Country Needs Globecomm Systems Inc. (GCOM) for its National Business

This stock is from the Communications Equipment industry. The company is engaged in supplying, operating, and maintaining ground equipment and software for satellite communications. The world-wide growth and potential for multi-media Internet activities implies superior and lasting business potential for stock investors in this part of the Technology Sector. The company is based in Hauppauge, NY, but its business is relevant for all parts the globe.

Technological strengths are common in this business. The best stocks for investments require durable management models. This company derives its competitive strength through customer integration. It has a variety of equipment and systems on its selling lists, but can also provide single-window communication and networking solutions. Therefore a country or a business, which knows little about electronics and satellite technology, can look to this company for all its Internet needs. The equipment and services come with round-the-clock maintenance and service. The business potential of the company is enhanced by its abilities to work with third-party hardware and systems.

The stock is attractive in pure financial terms also. The Price to Equity ratio over the last 12 months has been below 13, which is rare in the Technology Sector. The Price to Free Cash Flow exceeds 400, which is some ten times better than in the Communications Industry. The annual sales growth during the Most Recent Quarter exceeds 45%. Capital Spending growth over the past five years is nearly three times higher than the average for this industry.

Institutions hold more than 75% of the stock. 2008 prospects appear excellent with a major new business contract from a satellite service provider in Asia and an entry into the cutting-edge world of High Definition television in the United States.

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