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Organic and Inorganic Blend Fuels Rapid Balchem Corp. (NASDAQ: BCPC) Business Expansion

It is about a year since this company acquired a choline chloride and related products business in Italy. It had established a marketing presence in the European Union earlier. The depreciation of the dollar against the Euro makes the foreign ventures of this corporation from New Hampton, NY additionally valuable today.

This company has a consistent record over the last five years of growing faster than the norm for the Chemicals Manufacturing Industry. It has widened during the last four quarters, as annual sales growth during the most recent quarter has more than doubled.

The company is engaged in developing and manufacturing specialty chemicals. These are used by a broad range of downstream clients in the Life Sciences. The company’s products are used in the pharmaceutical, medical, agricultural, and food segments of the economy. The stock is sound due to the broad market participation of the corporation.

Another value driver for the stock is the Group organization. The management has developed business processes to coordinate the operations of a relatively large number of domestic and European subsidiaries.

The stock has a history of Return on Average Equity of about 19%. The Net Profit Margin seems to be stable around 9%. Gross Revenue for 2007 has topped $176 million with just 320 employees. The stock price at $22.84 towards the end of April 2008 is tantalizingly close to the 52-week high of $24.94.

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