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Open Energy Corporation (OEGY) Humming “Here Comes the Sun”

It’s probably not a coincidence that Open Energy Corporation has their corporate headquarters in sunny California. After all, this Solana Beach-based company is harnessing the sun to drive their growth. Trading on the OTCBB, Open Energy Corporation is a renewable energy company focusing on the development and commercialization of technologies capable of delivering low-risk, cost-competitive electricity, fresh water, and related commodities globally. The company is positioning themselves for future growth with their team of world-class building materials designers and electrical engineers.

Open Energy Corporation has developed a complete suite of building-integrated SolarSave® photovoltaic (PV) roofing materials for commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential use. They market these solutions under the trade name SolarSave®. Their product lineup includes roofing membranes, roofing tiles, custom architectural PV glass, and a balance of systems equipment such as inverters, combiners, and accessories.

Open Energy’s SOLARSAVE® Roofing Membrane is a product that enables a property owner to maintain the natural look of their property while generating clean, safe, efficient electricity from the sun. The company also designs and manufactures custom PV glass laminates to meet the aesthetic, performance, and structural requirements of architects and design professionals. Open Energy Corporation designs and manufactures SolarSave® Balance of Systems components that complete the solar conversion operation. The photovoltaic cells embedded in tile, glass, or membrane products generate direct current (DC). SolarSave® Balance of System products, which include those inverters, combiners, fuse blocks, and other accessories, convert the DC power into standard 120-volt alternating current (AC) and integrate it into a building’s system.

Open Energy holds an exclusive, worldwide license to a solar thermal technology called SunCone™ CSP (Concentrating Solar Power). This technology is in development to produce electricity and potable water using the power of the sun. SunCone™ CSP uses non-imaging optical cones made of reflective composites to concentrate sunlight on rods at the base of each cone. The cones stay cool, but the fluid flowing through the base becomes superheated. This produces steam, which powers a turbine and produces electricity. This superheated fluid can also combine with reverse osmosis membranes, or flash distillation equipment, to produce fresh water from salt, or a mixture of fresh and salt-water sources.

Open Energy Corporation has a contract through the California Academy of Science to engineer and install the largest photovoltaic glass canopy in the United States. Located in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, the museum’s photovoltaic canopy will consist of 720 custom-built SolarSave® PV Architectural Glass panels that go around the building, generating over 213,000 watts of electricity.

Steve Coonen, Director of Business Development for Open Energy said, “This project is a great honor for our company and an extraordinary opportunity to showcase our solar technology. The photovoltaic system and other elements of the project will prevent the annual generation of over 400,000 pounds of CO2. We are thrilled to be a part of the Academy of Science Museum.”

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