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Dutton Associates Featured Company: LOGIC Devices, Inc. (LOGC)

LOGIC Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ: LOGC) develops and markets high-speed digital integrated circuits that perform high density storage and signal/image processing functions. The company is focused on supplying integrated circuits that possess the highest quality, density, performance, and support. Their products enable SD and HD video display, transport, editing, composition, and special effects. LOGIC also provides solutions for digital filtering in wireless base stations, image enhancement in medical diagnostic scanning and imaging equipment, and guidance and target recognition capabilities in smart-weapons systems.

By using their experience in high-speed data path and embedded memory development, combined with a structure custom design methodology, LOGIC’s chip solutions involve highly optimized, integrated, and dedicated high-speed computation functions. Their solutions offer greater computational rates, lower cost, and lower power consumption than alternative approaches.

The company works closely with customers to define the features and performances required to meet demanding requirements. They continue to expand their activities in related complementary core technologies with algorithm and mixed signal efforts, and rely on advanced lithography semiconductor process technology provided by wafer foundry sources.

Customers can launch differentiated video equipment quickly and cost effectively in a vast number of markets by utilizing LOGIC’s SD/HD video-optimized solutions and support. These video-optimized solutions offered by LOGIC, such as their video memory product line, prove a reduction in development time and costs is achievable across the entire video chain.

The company’s products are used by a large number of industrial customers as they support world leaders in the networking, personal computer, telecommunications, data communication, and testing equipment markets. Their customers include Ikegami, Hitachi, Sony, Vingmed (GE), Hewlett Packard, Phillips, Wilcox, Quantel, Pinnacle, Hitachi Medico, Lockheed Martin Loral, Teradyne, SDX (Lucent), and Alcatel.

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