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NuCo2 Inc. (NUCO) Business Proves That Carbon Dioxide is Not All Bad

Noxious gases can be most useful. It is their abuse and neglect which threaten the environment. Carbon dioxide is a classic case in this respect. It has become rather notorious of late as a result of unrelenting attacks on harmful air emissions. Yet, our everyday lives depend on this versatile substance. This small capital is an expert in bulk carbon dioxide supplies. Every soda and most of the fast foods that are ubiquitous in modern life depend on carbon dioxide for the value they deliver to consumers.

The company offers single-window support for its industrial clients. It installs carbon dioxide dispensing systems and maintains them as well, apart from providing regular supplies. It has over 100,000 client locations strung out all over the United States. The company operates over 100 service hubs, and has a fleet of over 300 vehicles to support its clients. A range of vaccines, antibiotics, and some over-the-counter (OTC) pharmaceuticals add to the revenue-generating potential of the stock.

The company’s financial track record compares very well with stock market norms for the Chemical Manufacturing Industry. Debt is just 0.18 of Equity against 0.69 in the industry. The Gross Margin over the last four quarters has been 50.67 against just 36.72 for its direct competitors. Recent trends of Receivable and Inventory Turnovers have been far ahead of the industry. Operating Cash Flow has grown annually by more than 50% during the Most Recent Quarter.

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