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Osiris Therapeutics Inc. (OSIR) Stock Marches to Vanguard of Stem Cell Therapeutics Business Segment

Stem cell therapy has already changed the face of modern health care. A cascade of additional applications is under various stages of development. The chances of deleterious side-effects are relatively less with stem cell technologies. Unlike chemical drugs of the last century, genetic interventions are targeted and closer to natural healing mechanisms. However, the technologies involved for commercial operations are nearly impossible to access, leaving the few successful corporations, like this one from Columbia, MD, with wide and deep technical moats.

The stock price has never crossed $16, and the market capitalization is still below $500 million. However, the company has made notable progress with clinical trials and regulators. It also has a strong revenue line in a brand for regenerating bone tissue. Candidate drugs for repairing damaged heart tissue, replacing parts of joints, and treating inflammatory diseases are under advanced stages of testing. The U.S. FDA has put these products on the Fast Track for approval and has granted special status as well. Overall, the company has excellent prospects of offering new hope to countless numbers of patients who now live with incurable diseases.

The company sources the vital raw material for its path-breaking work from bone marrow of healthy volunteers. The latter have to be screened before donation and subsequently monitored for five years. This kind of business calls for new systems; there are lasting advantages in being a pioneer. The company’s technologies are integral to national preparedness in dealing with radioactive exposures. It collaborates with a peer and the Department of Defense in this respect.

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