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New Regulatory Approvals Boost CAS Medical Systems Inc. (CASM) Business Prospects

Regulators have recently approved a new use for one of this company’s products. It relates to monitoring vital signs in neonates (low birth weight and pre-term delivered infants). This critical application will allow doctors to prevent brain damage in such infants. At this time, there is no other product on the market that delivers this life-saving application to neonates. The commercial implications of this new regulatory approval strengthen prospects for the stock considerably.

The company is focused on highly innovative ways to monitor the vital signs of critically ill patients. The business is therefore both socially relevant and sound from a stock investment perspective as well. The existing product range includes blood pressure measurement systems and parts, equipment to monitor the functioning of the heart and lungs, and emergency veterinary aids as well. There are also many new products under development. Stock investors can look forward to the continued technical leadership of the company. The management has established international distribution systems, which give the company expansion potentials on a world-wide basis.

The market capitalization is less than $50 million. Institutions own only 31% of the stock. The share price has been $4 at the beginning of the second week of April 2008. This is against $8.51 as a 52-week high. The stock has some of the best prospects available in the Medical Equipment & Supplies Industry. The business model is sound on its own, though inorganic growth initiatives may deliver exceptional benefits to investors as well. The company has a reputation for technical excellence and reliability within the medical community.

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