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Bolt Technology Corp. (BOLT) Management Reports Most Recent Quarter Profit Boost

This small capital stock is from the Oil Well Services & Equipment Industry. It is one of the most financially stable parts of the entire Energy sector. The company is in the specialized and valuable field of developing seismic energy sources. Sales have grown 42 percent during the most recent quarter. The company is based in Norwalk, Connecticut, but the business has global relevance. The successful exploitation of pelagic resources is a key green business imperative today.

Prospects ahead are just as encouraging, as recent business results demonstrate. The company has orders for its installed capacity, and impressive new reservoirs of demand as well. The entire business of the marine seismic industry is surrounded by enormous technical moats. It is very difficult for competitors to enter the underwater seismic equipment field. The industrial products business of the company is volume-oriented and offers custom products. The management has been successful in inorganic growth moves as well.

The Net Profit Margin on a Trailing Twelve Months basis is 21.83%. Return on Average Assets has been an impressive 28.22% during this period. Total Revenue for 2007 has jumped to $50.46 million from $32.59 million. The stock is clearly a superior investment opportunity in the uncertain stock exchange atmosphere of the first half of calendar 2008.

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