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Neutral Tandem Inc. (TNDM) Thrives on Competition

The business model behind this stock defies conventional wisdom. Market shares and profits are supposed to be all about moats to keep competition at bay. This small-capital member of the Communication Services Industry from Chicago, IL thrives on alternate systems for cellular telephones. It will gain strength as consumers demand even better wireless-communication services.

Staying in touch means everything for us. A single number at which we can be reached at all times is invaluable. The same concept applies to being able to call anyone from everywhere. Service providers have their territories and systems. They compete with each other by making sure that our cellular telephones work wherever we may go. That is why the switching systems of this company make such sound business sense.

The company management has been agile in reflecting the social value of the business in quarterly results. Earnings per Share are at 0.42 and the stock price has started September a firm 30% above the 52-week low. The technology which drives company operations is versatile, so stock investors need not worry about the Price to Earnings Ratio, which is at 48.25.

A strong signal for investing in this stock comes from the management. Guidance for the full-year 2008 earnings has been raised following a solid set of business results for the Most Recent Quarter. This is no small feat given the depressed and uncertain macro-economic climate. It appears that the core strategy of geographical expansion and of broadening the service range pays off handsomely.

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