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Consumers Love True Religion Apparel Inc. (TRLG)

You must be gifted to understand fashion. Why do some labels succeed when scores of designers fail? Every business person dreams of that wonder product or service that will capture public imagination. Here is a company from Vernon, CA that can make such fantasy a reality for your stock portfolio.

The summer of 2008 has hardly been the best for any stock exchange. Yet this stock has climbed by some 25% during the balmy season. The Price to Earnings Ratio has stayed on the right side of 20, so there is plenty to keep investors interested in the stock.

Demand-resilience is the most appealing feature of the brand that drives this stock value. Customers keep picking up jeans and tops marketed by this company, as though inflation and recessions are comets long past. It is not as though the management uses any discount-pricing as bait. There are plenty of cheaper offers gathering dust on retail shelves. Besides, the company has a distinct bias in favor of the most up-market stores.

You need not be a marketing aficionado to appreciate this stock because the financial statements make all the right noises. The company is free of debt though sales have grown by over 50% over the last four quarters. The Gross Margin has consistently beaten 50% by a wide margin over the last five years. Return on Equity has been an astonishing 47.35% during this period.

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