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NeoStem, Inc. (NBS) Says it’s “Making History” with Diverse Adult Stem Cell Conference

NeoStem, Inc., an international biopharmaceutical company focused on developing and manufacturing cell-based therapies, today offered an update on the progress and nature of its partnership with Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Culture.

The partnership was established to advance adult stem cell research, with a focus on U.S. adult stem cells, China adult stem cells, and China pharmaceuticals. Its primary mission is to:

• Promote stem cell research and to explore the cultural, ethical and human implications of their use
• Create awareness regarding the potential of adult stem cell technology in concordance with ethical values
• Determine short-term and long-term opportunities in which political, scientific, educational, and religious leaders can participate in regenerative medicine
• Lay the foundation for a network of scientists and patrons who recognize the promise of adult stem cells as a solution to reduce human suffering through regenerative medicine
• Advance adult stem cell research and facilitate its safe transformation from the lab to the clinic.

In a press conference at the Vatican, several key members of both parties offered details regarding the partnership and on the international Vatican conference on adult stem cells, which is slated for November 9-11, 2011.

The November conference will include speakers, panel discussions, patient case studies, video, and breakout sessions, as well as the expected experts in adult stem cell research and recognized leaders in medicine. Where the conference differs from other similar regenerative medicine conferences, is the rest of the line-up. Attendees and presenters will also include church and scientific leaders, policymakers, ethicists, educators, ministers of health from around the world, ambassadors to the Holy See, and representatives of the stem cell therapeutic business community.

“Today we are making history. I am here with you today because of an historic collaboration between the Vatican and NeoStem which is already underway, and also to tell you about our upcoming event in November to further these efforts. We believe adult stem cells will be the answer to so many debilitating problems impacting people all over the world, of all ages, in all walks of life,” NeoStem chairman and CEO Robin Smith stated in the press release. “We look forward to working together with Father Trafny, Cardinal Ravasi and other Church leaders to be able to demonstrate that faith and technology can work together to find ethical solutions to human kind’s most ancient problems.”

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