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Kopin (KOPN) Receives $23.2M Order for U.S. Army Thermal Weapon Program

Kopin Corp., a leading U.S. manufacturer of display systems for mobile consumer and military applications, today announced it was awarded $23.2 million in follow-on production orders for display systems in support of U.S. Army’s Thermal Weapon Sight Bridge (TWS-IIB) program.

Dr. John C.C. Fan, Kopin president and CEO, said the order reflects the high standards of the company’s products, and detailed how the U.S. Army utilizes the company’s technology.

“These orders from all of the TWS-IIB prime contractors are a testament to the superior quality and reliability of our display system products,” Dr. Fan stated in the press release. “Our proprietary display technologies, electro-optical system designs and manufacturing processes result in the highest performance display system for thermal weapon sights, which are used in mission-critical night operations around the world, including Afghanistan and Pakistan.”

Kopin’s TWS-IIB display products are based on the company’s patented low-power CyberDisplay® 640M display. The company has shipped more than 30 million displays for both consumer and military applications, ranging from digital cameras to thermal weapon sights.

Delivery of the products is expected to begin later this quarter and will continue throughout the next 12 months.

Kopin’s proprietary technologies are protected by more than 200 global patents and patents pending. Michael Presz, Kopin vice president of Government Programs, noted why he believes the company’s products are unrivaled.

“The proven performance, reliability and low life-cycle costs of our display products when subjected to the rugged environments of the battlefield are unsurpassed,” Presz stated.

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