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Nacel Energy Corp. (NCEN) – Anyway the Wind Blows is Fine with Nacel

Headquartered in Cody, Wyoming, Nacel Energy is engaged in generating clean, renewable energy from wind. Their focus is on the development of utility-class wind generation projects located in Texas, Kansas and the Caribbean, as well as Latin America. Founded in 2006 as Zephyr Energy Corporation, the company changed their name to Nacel Energy Corporation in 2007.

The company trades on the OTCBB and is one of the first companies involved in the development of “Community Wind”. These are utility-scale wind energy projects using state-of-the-art turbines with a sustainable footprint of 20 to 30 MW and local investor/partners. There can be a competitive advantage possible with Community Wind over other forms of wind energy development. This is due to faster permitting times, local political support, and additional government incentives.

Nacel Energy partners with local Community Wind developers by offering solutions to the absence of a tax-efficient structure to utilize federal and/or state incentives for wind energy development, and the scarcity of capital for early-stage projects. They do this through WINDVEST™. This is their proprietary capital structure and process, which enables them to joint venture with local wind energy developers, speed up timelines, and improve project economics. After they successfully complete feasibility and financial reviews, Nacel Energy establishes their WINDVEST™ financial partnership structure. This creates the ownership positions in the project and facilitates the raising of capital. Nacel Energy assumes a minority non-working interest in all Community Wind energy project development.

Interest in Community Wind energy development is growing in America. Projects can be single turbines erected by municipal utilities, school districts, and tribal reservations, to larger multi-turbine installations. The company is currently developing their Blue Creek and Channing Flats, Texas projects. The total planned generating capacity of Nacel Energy’s new wind domestic energy projects is 80 MW. This is more than the normal footprint, and enough energy to power 25,000 American homes.

Nacel Energy Corp. continues to work with a plentiful, renewable energy source to further their growth and that of their shareholders. Any way the wind blows, they will capture it and turn it into the energy America needs to power homes and help the environment. They also hope to help further local economies through partnerships with local community investors via their company’s Community Wind strategy.

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