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Misonix, Inc. (MSON) Secures Key Distribution Agreement for Ultrasonic BoneScalpel in Thailand with JPL Medical

Misonix, developers of a wide range of revolutionary medical devices based on the Company’s advanced ultrasonic technology, ranging from wound care systems that remove necrotic materials and devitalized tissue to high-power surgical cutters like the BoneScalpel™ Ultrasonic Bone Cutter, reported entry into an exclusive three-year distribution agreement for the BoneScalpel with one of Thailand’s top medical device marketers, JPL Medical Co., Ltd.

Preisdent and CEO of MSON, Michael A. McManus, Jr., offered an inside peek at this latest endeavor in the Company’s campaign to dynamically grow its presence in Asian markets, hailing the relationship with JPL as a fundamental key to the overall regional strategy. McManus pointed to JPL’s rock-solid reputation for introducing high-tech all across Thailand and underscored the unique competencies of JPL as a “specialty distributor of advanced medical products.”

McManus made it very clear that the reputation JPL has established, especially in neurosurgery and spine surgery, offered an ideal vector for integration. This arrangement will allow the aggressive launcher of numerous successful high tech products, including similar devices in the medical area, to have rights throughout all of Thailand for selling the BoneScalpel. A task made all the easier by JPL’s deep network and mountains of experience in associated fields like neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery and spinal surgery.

The agreement stipulates annual minimum purchase requirements and should be a huge gateway for MSON into a broader Asian market, while providing a stable footing in Thailand that should be rapidly evident in the Company’s bottom line. As all of the preliminary training with the product has been completed and sales have already begun, the ramp-up time for market penetration is very low and receptivity should be very high based on past experiences with the medical community.

Indeed, such products are a boon to the end-user market as well, with the BoneScalpel offering osteotomy capabilities like none other. Able to make precision cuts through bone and hard tissues while preserving the essential integrity of the delicate soft tissue structures, all with the usability and ergonomics of an ultra-modern medical tool, the BoneScalpel also delivers the power of a rotary cutter without all the danger.

This is a power play for MSON, as they shrewdly maneuver for better positioning of their medical product portfolio in Asian markets from above, they are simultaneously branching out into parallel sectors like Forensics products and Ductless Fume Hoods from below and making good use of the Company’s architecture in the process.

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