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Intevac Inc. (IVAC) Offers High-Tech Solutions

Intevac Inc. is a Santa Clara, California company operating in the Diversified Electronics industry. They supply disk-sputtering equipment to manufacturers of magnetic media used in hard disk drives. They also develop and distribute analytical instrumentation and low-light imaging cameras.

Trading on NASDAQ, and founded in 1991, they have a current market capitalization of $262.92M. Intevac Inc. has offices in the United States, China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, and Singapore. They serve the military, physical sciences, life sciences, and industrial markets. They operate their business in two distinct areas: equipment and imaging.

As a leading supplier of disk sputtering equipment, they manufacture complex process equipment that deposits highly engineered thin-films onto magnetic disks used in hard disk drives. Hard disk drives are the primary storage medium for digital data. Today’s new technology means more information stored on hard disks. The next generation of disk storage technology is perpendicular recording. Perpendicular recording has data bits, which are really a collection of magnetized particles aligned vertically, not horizontally, on a disk. This allows for storing more data on a thin-film disk.

Thin-film disk manufacturers require disk sputtering equipment that can do the additional process steps that perpendicular recording does demand. Intevac Inc. continues to innovate to supply the process equipment needed for this type of work. They strive to develop systems and processes that keep pace with the advances in data recording.

Intevac’s imaging division develops and manufactures electro-optical sensors, cameras, and systems used for extreme low light imaging. The company’s low light imaging products include the LIVAR® target identification system and the NightVista® line of extreme low light cameras. Most of their revenue in this sector of their business has come from research and development contracts funded by the U.S. government.

Intevac Inc. continues to develop products that help manufacturers create greater disk storage capabilities. They also continue to grow their business as relates to imaging cameras. Their customers include Seagate Technology, Fuji Electric, Hitachi Global Storage Technologies, and Showa Denko. They hope to continue to help companies store data and images for years to come.

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