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iCAD Inc. (ICAD) Business Progress and Stock Price Rise Will Gladden All Hearts

This small capital stock from Nashua, NH has appreciated by about 3.5% over the six months ended May 2008. The Medical Equipment & Supplies Industry, to which this stock belongs, has declined by 3.5% during the last six months. Many investors who do not hold these stocks can be expected to feel envious about such an exceptional price trend. However, the nature of the company’s business allows celebration in success.

The company develops and markets computer systems to help doctors detect cancer as early as possible. Most cases of this feared disease are manageable provided treatment starts in time. The company has installed some 1800 breast cancer detection systems in North America during the six years since it first received regulatory clearance. This is a very significant contribution in the battle to help women counter a potentially fatal medical condition. The company has products for converting film images of mammography to a digital format, apart from the core detection service.

The company’s order books are full. Demands for this unique cancer-detection system grow faster than engineers can ramp up production capacities. All sections of society will be delighted to know that the management has taken decisive steps to extend its know-how to help with other cancers. A system to help in the early detection of colon cancers has reached an advanced stage of development.

The stock price, towards the end of May 2008, has been around $3.70. This is against a 52-week low of just $1.62. The Most Recent Quarter has seen sound financial progress.

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