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Intel Corp. (INTC) Reports Better than Expected Results; Strong Demand for High-end Servers

Intel announced that the demand for its chips was, “solid” during the first quarter of this year, which subsequently eased rising fears that the somewhat weak economy was beginning to affect the technology industry. The Chief Executive, Paul S. Otellini stated, “The first quarter marked a very good start to 2008.” The results, he added, “demonstrate a strengthening core business and a solid global market environment.”

The company particularly noted the strong demand for its high-end servers, especially in North America. This strong demand for high-end servers is also advantageous to companies such as Angstrom Microsystems, which is focused on engineering and manufacturing high-performance computers. Unlike other server manufactures, however, Angstrom offers green computing solutions that significantly reduce electricity usage, thereby saving corporations thousands of dollars.

The green computing approach is not new to the company. Back in 2006, Angstrom announced a breakthrough technology that could reduce air-conditioning needs by more than 75%. The technology, called AMS LiquiCool, not only saves exuberant air-conditioning costs, but also extends the lifespan of existing data centers with little, if any, modification.

Commenting on his company, CEO Lalit Jain stated, “Angstrom is providing exciting, disruptive technology that strikes at the heart of our customers’ air-conditioning and power concerns. With our patent-pending cooling solutions, Angstrom enables scaling of high volume deployments with the most current processors the market has to offer.”

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