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American Science and Engineering, Inc. (ASEI) Protects

You’ve probably encountered this company in your travels without even knowing it. Located in Billerica, Massachusetts, and in business for over 45 years, American Science and Engineering (ASEI) manufactures advanced x-ray inspection systems. They supply these systems to customers around the world.

With a market capitalization of 480.7M, they list on the NASDAQ exchange and are part of the Industrial Equipment and Components business sector. Their line of products includes cargo inspection systems used in port and border security environments. They also provide baggage-screening systems for facility and aviation security.

ASEI’s customer group is broad. They service government agencies like the US Department of Homeland Security, and US Customs and Border Protection. Their clientele also includes military bases, airports, and corporations. ASEI systems protect high-threat facilities and offer customers the tools they require for any type of security screening to protect human beings.

ASEI began in 1958, developing scientific instruments and applications for NASA. Dr. Riccardo Giacconi joined ASEI in 1959, forming an x-ray astronomy team. His work, pioneering many projects in the field of x-ray technology, earned him the Nobel Prize in Physics.

ASEI has an excellent record of accomplishment for their superior x-ray threat detection systems, which help fight terrorism, the drug war, and illegal trade. They continue to develop x-ray systems to detect dirty bombs, plastic-explosives weapons, liquid explosives, and nuclear devices.

Increasing incidences of terrorism in the 21st century have increased the need for the company’s products, and ASEI continues to innovate. Their patented Z Backscatter technology produces clear, photo-like, x-ray images to provide better visuals for detection of threat substances and items. With so much at stake when it comes to national and international security, ASEI remains at the forefront of research into quality, reliable security products.

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